Abstract Submission



Abstracts must be original work.
We do not accept case reports and review papers.
Only abstracts in the English language will be reviewed.

Anyone who applies for active participation more than once will be disqualified.
All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Board and after their decision, we will contact you if your abstract is accepted.

Editors will communicate with authors regarding minor changes.

Any applicant for active participation has the right to become a passive participant if his abstract is rejected by our Scientific Board.

Please choose three fields of medicine most suitable to your abstract. Please note that this does not guarantee that your abstract will be grouped within this field of medicine in the final program.

The Scientific Board will make a decision which abstract will be presented as Oral or Poster presentation.

Once your abstract has been submitted it is final. Only changes recommended by the Organising Committee are allowed.

Abstract acceptance notification will be sent to presenting authors. It is the responsibility of the presenting author to ensure accuracy of content, spelling and presentation, as abstracts will be published exactly as submitted.



The abstract text should not exceed 310 words.

The title should be typed in CAPITAL LETTERS.

The abstract file should contain the following sections:


Title: Should be a relatively unambiguous sentence describing the research.
Background: In the introduction, you should describe the current state of scientific progress regarding your field.
Aim: It should contain the aim of your research and why it is important.
Materials and Methods: This section should contain the basic means employed to conduct your research.
Results: Here only the most important results should be presented. Be specific. Use numbers to make your point and avoid vague expressions like “very much” or “small” if possible.
Conclusion: Within this section, you should interpret the meaning of the results regarding your initial aims. What are the implications of the research conducted? Is your project a new and interesting path worth to be followed or do results show the initial assumptions lead to a dead end? Are your results potentially generalizable or specific to a particular case?
Keywords: Here you should write up to 4-5 main keywords that best describe your research.